Brownbag #69: June 9th, 2015:

“Because we are a regulatory agency, we develop and administer regulations. Our interaction with the public suffers from the fact that people don’t like to be told what they can and can’t do.”

Who can blame them?! . . . None of us like to be regulated. Let’s face it: Being regulated means being constrained, . . . limited, . . . hobbled, . . . i.e. “told what to do.” Our first instinct is to resent being constrained. And, if you’re the ones who are doing the regulating, it’s you who gets people’s resentment.

Even government agencies who aren’t considered to be ‘regulatory agencies’ often wind up creating and/or administering regulations. That’s one reason why government is often resented.(Thomas Jefferson saw that coming!)

This Brownbag focuses on practical DOs and DON’Ts, more specifically, it focuses on what to do to:

  • Making sure that your public views your regulations as legitimate tools for accomplishing your mission.
  • Dealing with the non-sense part of this regulation-hating . . . Because that’s what a hefty part of this resentment about regulations is, a bunch of hypocritical non-sense. But, unless you make people realize it’s non-sense it will continue to be aimed at you.

This Brownbag topic is not only an opportunity, but a downright wonderful opportunity, to get into the nitty-gritty of how to establish and maintain your team’s legitimacy . . . the kind of legitimacy that makes those regulation-haters say: “Thank God you’re there! . . . Thank God someone had the wisdom to create your agency! . . . If you didn’t exist, we’d have to re-invent you!”

If any of your potentially affected interests resent your regulatory actions, . . . for goodness’ sakes . . . join us for this Brownbag; it’s bound to be worth your time.

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