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Our Clients

It doesn’t matter WHAT you do… If the public doesn’t get it.

Local, county, state, federal, consultants — we’ve trained all levels of government and areas of the public-sector.

Your contributions will sit on a shelf if your work gets stopped. 

If the public thinks your work infringes on rights, freedoms, or you’ve disregarded their input, or worse — that you have an agenda — they’ll fight you tooth and nail no matter how great your technical work is.

That is — unless you know how to earn opponents’ trust and respect in counterintuitive ways.



40+ Years of Experience.  40,000+ Professionals Trained.

Here’s an incomplete list of our clients

Local, Borough, Indigenous, County Governments, Special Districts, and Utilities

* Indicates clients for whom we’ve done on-site training.

Alaska: Local Govts

  • Matanuska-Susitna (Matsu) Borough

Arizona: Local Govts

  • American Transmission Co. WI*
  • Ann Arundel County, Annapolis, MD*
  • Arrowhead Regional Development
  • Commission, Duluth, MN*
  • California Municipal League, Sacramento, CA*
  • Central Contra Costa County Sanitation District, CA*
  • Charles County, MD, Planning and Zoning
  • City of Albuquerque, NM*
  • City of Aurora, CO*
  • City of Bellevue Utilities, WA*
  • City of Bellingham, WA*
  • City of Boulder, CO*
  • City of Fort Collins, CO*
  • City of Fresno, CA*
  • City of Glendale, AZ*
  • City of Grand Junction, CO*
  • City of Greeley, CO, Water Dept.*
  • City of Janesville, WI*
  • City of Lathrop, CA*
  • City of Lynnwood, WA
  • City of Merced, CA*
  • City of Missoula, MT





  • City of New York:
  • City of Olympia, WA*
  • City of Palo Alto, CA*
  • City of Phoenix, AZ*
  • City of Portland, OR*
  • City of Rockville, MD*
  • City of Round Rock, TX*
  • City of San Marcos, TX*
  • City of Santa Rosa, CA*
  • City of Sheridan, WY*
  • City of Shoreline, WA*
  • City of St. Louis Park, MN*
  • City of Virginia Beach, VA*
  • City of Westminster, CO*
  • Colorado Springs Utilities, CO*
  • Community Hospital, Fort Collins, CO*
  • Denver Water Department, Denver, CO*
  • Dept. of Sanitation / Resource Recovery*
  • Des Moines Water Dept., Des Moines, IA
  • Director of Productivity
  • Du Page County Waste Management, IL*
  • Fairfax County, MD, Planning and Zoning*
  • Fort Vancouver Regional Library District, Vancouver, WA





  • Jacksonville Transportation Authority, FL*
  • Jefferson County Libraries, CO*
  • Jefferson County, WA*
  • La Plata County, CO*
  • Larimer County, CO*
  • Lincoln Electric Systems, Lincoln, NE* Nebraska Public Power District*
  • Los Angeles City Planning Dept.*
  • Maryland National Capitol Parks and Planning Commission*
  • Mayor’s Office
  • Monterey County, CA*
  • Montgomery County, MD, Environmental Division
  • Operations Research
  • Pennsylvania Power & Light*
  • Pierce County, WA
  • Salt River Project, Phoenix, AZ*
  • Seattle Public Utilities*
  • South Florida Water Management District
  • Tacoma Public Utilities, Water Division*
  • Thurston Regional Planning Council, WA
  • Town of Estes Park, CO*
  • Town of Gunnison, CO*
  • Town of Lexington, MA*

State Agencies

* Indicates private for whom among these we’ve done private training.

Alaska State Agencies

  • Dept. of Fish and Game*
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Natural Resources*
  • Valdez Oil Spill Task Force*

California State Agencies

  • Air Resources Board*
  • Dept. of Transportation (Caltrans)*
  • Dept. of Health
  • Toxics Division

Colorado State Agencies

  • Division of Wildlife*
  • Dept. of Community Affairs*
  • Dept. of Health Care and Finance*
  • Land Board*
  • Natural Resources Dept* 

Delaware State Agencies

  • Dept of Fish & Game

Florida State Agencies

  • Fish & Wildlife Commission

Hawaii State Agencies

  • Dept of Health (Planning)*

Indiana State Agencies

  • Dept of Natural  Resources*

Idaho State Agencies 

  • Dept. of Lands*
  • Game and Fish Dept, Dept. of Environmental Quality*

Iowa State Agencies

  • Air Quality Division*
  • Dept. of Transportation*
  • Dept. of Natural Resources

Kansas State Agencies:

  • Dept. of Wildlife and Recreation
  • Dept. of Transportation*

Maine State Agencies:

  • Dept. of Environmental Protection*
  • Game and Fish

Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources

Massachusetts Game & Fish Dept.

Missouri State Agencies:

  • Dept. of Transportation*
  • Dept. of Conservation*
  • Dept. of Natural Resources

Minnesota State Agencies:

  • Dept. of  Transportation*
  • Dept. of National Resources*
  • Pollution Control*

Montana State Agencies:

  • Dept. of Fish, Wildlife and Parks*
  • Office of the Governor, Helena, MT*

Nebraska Game and Fish Dept.

Nevada Game and Fish Dept.*

New Hampshire Game and Fish Dept.

New Jersey State Agencies:

  • Dept of Transportation*
  • Game and Fish Dept.

New Mexico Agencies

  • New Mexico Air Quality Bureau*
  • New Mexico Instream Commission*

North Dakota Game and Fish Dept.*

NY Dept. of Environmental Conservation*

Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources*

  • Division of Watercraft*

Oregon State Agencies:

  • Dept. of Forestry*
  • Dept. of Transportation*
  • Dept. of Administrative Services*

Rhode Island Game and Fish Dept.

Pennsylvania Game Commission*

South Dakota Dept. of Game and Fish*

Utah Game and Fish Dept.

Virginia Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries*

Washington State Agencies:

  • Dept. of Transportation*
  • Dept. of Natural Resources*

West Virginia Game and Fish Dept.

Wisconsin State Agencies:

  • Dept. of Transportation*
  • Dept. of Natural Resources*

Wyoming State Agencies:

  • Dept. of Environmental Quality*
  • Dept. of Game and Fish*
  • Dept. of Transportation*

Federal and Multi-State Organizations, Educational Institutions, NGOs, Private Firms, Professional Associations, Consultants

* Indicates private for whom among these we’ve done private training.

Educational Institutions, Professional Associations, NGOs

  • American Institute of Certified Planners
  • American Planning Association
  • California Special Training Institute, San Luis Obispo, CA*
  • Defenders of Wildlife, FL*
  • San Juan College, Farmington, NM*
  • Society of Consulting Engineers of Wisconsin*
  • The Los Alamos Leadership Center, Santa Fe, NM*
  • The Nature Conservancy of New York*
  • University of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK*
  • University of California, LANL Leadership Institute*
  • University of Colorado, Denver, CO*
  • University of Minnesota, St Paul, MN*
  • WA State University, Pullman, WA*
  • Wildlife Management Institute, DC*















  • AECOM, Austin, Texas; Ontario, Canada
  • Andrew Keir, Keir Group, Ontario, CN
  • ARIX, Greeley, CO*
  • Barr Engineers, Denver, CO*
  • BDM Federal *
  • BNFL, Idaho Falls, ID*
  • Brown and Caldwell, Denver, CO* 4
  • CH2MHill 4Dames and Moore
  • Communications, Syracuse, NY
  • EG&G Idaho, Idaho Falls, ID*
  • Emmons Resources, Lake Elmo, MN*
  • Enviro Issues, Seattle, WA
  • Fluor Engineers, Irvine, CA*
  • Ghostwriters Communication, Poultney, VT
  • HDR, Minneapolis, MN*
  • HNTB, St Louis, MO* and Austin, TX*
  • Kezziah / Watkins, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Lockheed Martin*
  • Martin Marietta, Oak Ridge, TN*
  • Mary Ann Chambers, Ft Collins, CO
  • Montgomery Watson, CO and AK*
  • Pat VanGorp, Madison, WI
  • Paul Epstein, New York, NY
  • RUST/Geotech, Grand Junction, CO
  • Sear Brown, CO*
  • SEH, Madison, Minneapolis, MN and Madison, WI*
  • Sensible Environmental Solutions, Grand Junction, CO*
  • The Writing Company, St Louis, MO*
  • TranSmart, Madison, WI
  • Urban Alternatives, Novato, CA
  • Viatek Oy, Engineers, Helsinki, FINLAND*
  • Westinghouse Savannah River, SC *
  • Winston Assoc, Boulder, CO
  • Wizard Communications, Syracuse, NY
  • Wlm. Gould and Assoc, Cleveland, OH

    Federal and Multi-State Organizations

    • ACTION, the US Volunteer Agency* 4Bureau of Reclamation, Albuquerque, NM*
    • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    • Oak Ridge Natl. Laboratories*4Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM*
    • Office of Surface Mining, Washington, DC*
    • US Bureau of Land Management*
    • US Corps of Engineers in New York, NY*
    • US Dept of Energy* 4Los Alamos National Laboratories*
    • US DOT: Federal Highway Administration *4US Nuclear Regulatory Commission *
    • US Environmental Protection Agency *
    • US Fish and Wildlife Service*
    • US Forest Service* 4Northern Forest Lands Council* (including: Maine, Vermont, New York, and New Hampshire)

    Again, this is NOT a complete list of our clients, if you’d like to touch base with someone in your line of work to discuss if our Consent-Building training could benefit you, please email Jennifer@ConsentBuilding.com