Our Why



You’re a Public Problem-Solver…

Your Work is too Important to Fail

The public gave you a mission and responsibilities to fulfill. That doesn’t make your work easy. But your work is too important to fail because it’s on behalf of the public.

Our combined research and professional experience have led to the development of our powerful approach for public-sector professionals to Systematically Develop the Informed Consent (SDIC) of their various publics, particularly of a project’s fiercest opponents.

SDIC has enabled public-sector professionals with important missions to get their proposals implemented, rather than becoming victims of NIMBY, “politics,” and budget cuts.

Over the course of four decades, we have helped people with public-sector missions (hired professionals, as well as elected and appointed officials) be consistently effective at accomplishing their mission.
In total, we’ve trained over 40,000 professionals LIKE YOU — how to get the job done.


How? NOT by using gimmicks, tricks, or spin.

By working tirelessly to get the public to see what you see. To understand your thinking. You’ll discover “unreasonable interests” aren’t so unreasonable.

It’s up to YOU to develop legitimacy in their eyes.

If you work openly and honestly, you’ll discover your public just might conclude that your recommendations aren’t the work of “bureaucrats feeding at the govt. trough.” It’s the work of people dedicating their lives to working on behalf of the public.

This is what Implementation Geniuses do intuitively.

Our training teaches you how to change your thinking so you can be as effective and efficient as they are — as long as your work is legitimate and technically competent.


Our work began when cities were burning from racial tensions and anti-war riots during the 1960’s.

That’s when Hans pivoted from a career in architecture to community planning.

He had to “do something” to help people with real problems, not rich problems.


Using Non-Traditional Tools

Hans and Annemarie’s personal partnership became professional when they combined his work in Planning with hers in Urban Anthropology.

Annemarie used her anthropological training to engage hard to reach interests — with astounding success.

She discovered how non-traditional methods of gathering input could be used in the public-sector.

They earned a reputation for being able to get critical input from belligerent interests while earning opponents’ trust and respect.


Over 40,000 Trained

Out of Hans and Annemarie’s effort to solve “real” problems, developed the training we’ve taught to over 40,000 subject-matter experts.

Using our approach, professionals from every imaginable disciple have credited us with their unparalleled success.

Because they learned how to consistently develop the trust and respect of their most cynical stakeholders.


The Secret to Our Success

What makes our training so unique?

American values are the backbone of our approach.

It’s these values we see today being put through the crucible as cities burn, divisions deepen, and people dismiss science.


Anti-Government Attitudes

Our approach is designed for turbulent and controversial times.

You don’t need our help when everyone agrees and trusts your team.

You need our help when:

  • Anger, fear, misinformation, and threats of violence are running rampant…
  • People wonder if you have a hidden motive
  • Policymakers run on a platform to disband agency
  • Individuals see your work as a threat to their rights, liberties, and freedoms.

It’s because of our work that we remain hopeful in times like these.

We’re not willing to give up.

We hope you won’t either.


Your Work Matters

We’re committed to helping you solve community problems.

And we’ll help get your public to realize you’re solving problems — not infringing on anyone’s rights.

The public’s perceptions matter.

Your work matters.

You matter.


What We Can Promise You

Our approach isn’t a panacea.

It’s not going to heal all our society’s wounds.

But — I can promise, if you use our approach — it WILL help.

For over four decades, our students have shared how our approach helped them solve serious public problems.

And renewed meaning in their lives.

No matter how contentious, complicated, or controversial your work is — this approach works.


Issues of Rights, Liberties and Freedoms

We’ll teach you how to:

  • Reach those interests you’re certain you can’t.
  • Develop constructive relationships with unreasonable, irrational, even abusive stakeholders.
  • Get through to those who distort and dismiss your technical and scientific work.

You’ll understand what’s really being said beneath stakeholder emotions.

We’ll give you the roadmap to effectively get your fiercest opponents’ buy-in.


What You Won’t Learn

We won’t teach you any gimmicks or slick outreach tools.

You won’t learn how to get sneak approval on your project while the public remains apathetic and disinterested.

There’s no trickery in what we teach.

No snake-oil.

No spin.

Nothing unethical.

Use our approach, and you’ll become more honest and transparent than you’ve ever been.


You Deserve the Public’s Appreciation

Not only will you become more successful in your professional life…

The public will finally appreciate your work. 

You’ll gain the trust and respect of the fiercest opponents, the Silent Majority, and policymakers.


The Public Needs You

Keep solving important problems.

That’s what our communities need.

Solving REAL problems is what you, I, we — do best.

-Jennifer Bleiker