Our Impact

I love this philosophy and I am a believer!

Abby Tomilson

AECOM Engineering, Austin, TX

Engaging, rational, interactive.

Molly Markarian

Senior Planner, City of Springfield, OR

Really enjoyed the second day when ‘tools’ were introduced.

Abby Alway

Program Coordinator, City of Eugene

Thank you for continuing the effort to help folks like me make progress on issues that matter to so many.

Jimmy Fox

US Fish & Wildlife Service, Fairbanks, AK

[We have] better citizen engagement and feedback.

Jen Mogo

Vermont ANR

Your trainings are very relatable for our Public Involvement team, so thanks for shinning a light on ‘tougher’ topics.

Dan Sellers

Wisconsin DOT

Great. Lots of good examples, contextual stories.

Amber Beu

Senior Planner, Lane County OR

I like yours better [than other training].

BJ Kratz

Fisheries Supervisor, ND Game and Fish Dept.

Thanks again for the outstanding training; I’m looking forward to devoting some time to further study.

Tim Ingalls

Private Rancher, Amarillo, Texas

Opened my eyes to unique ways to conduct business.

West Erdle

Fisheries Dept. Project Manager, ND Game and Fish Dept.

A fantastic course that actually seems implementable. I wish we could rewind time and apply these methods to so many past projects!

Tina Bui

Manager of Government Relations, Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Austin, TX

Very detailed, with good materials to takeaway and lots of examples.

Melinda McLaughlin

Public Information Director, City of Eugene Police

I’ve been able to help many communities and organizations define and implement some of their visions.

Hugh Osborne

Community Planner, U.S. National Parks Service

The content was useful and I envision using some of the techniques.

Jacqueline Acaris

Urban Development Analyst,, POYLE / AECOM

Very helpful in getting ideas/proposals to go through

Audrey Hendricks

Communications and Public Relations Coordinator

Understanding democratic decision-making, the power of the Veto, and the Bleiker Hierarchy of Values is transformational!

Kirk Girard

Humboldt County Community Development Services Director, Eureka, CA

Just learned it, but already thinking ahead to important ways it will be used!

Sandy Young Klindt

Jeff-Lewis BOCES School Board, General Brown CSD School Board

Revolutionized my thinking and approach to community engagement.

Henrietta DeGroot

Udall Foundation

Far better [than most training].

Molly Markarian

Senior Planner, City of Springfield, OR

High caliber

Amber Beu

Senior Planner, Lane County, OR

The content was useful and I envision using some of the techniques.

Allie Camp

Urban Development Analyst,, City of Eugene

Changing approach of how school board communicates with the public.

Ellen Larson

Hamilton Central School Board of Education, New York

This changes my attitude about how to approach issues dealing with the public.

Kevin Streepir

Operation Supervisor, Lockheed Martin Idaho Technologies, Idaho Falls, ID

I now have ammunition for my leaders that ‘data’ is not the best solution.

Sam Kamkar

Operation Supervisor, City of Eugene

This training is tops! . . . The tools and ideas in this course are more powerful and more meaningful than what I’ve found in other training.

Mark Gallagher

Principal Planner, Medford, OR

The content was useful and I envision using some of the techniques.

Cindy Hollenberg

State of New Mexico Dept. of Environment

This handles the human interaction side of what folks don’t learn in school.

Daniel Grove

Wildlife Veterinarian, ND Game and Fish Dept.

A systematic approach to consent-building — like CPO — is critical to our agency’s success.

Ginny Brown

Legislative Liason, Colorado Dept. of Health Care Policy and Financing, Denver, CO

This approach to managing projects is very enlightening; it really made me think.

Carol Petraboro

Accountant, Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation, Juneau, AK

I often use the Bleiker Life Preserver as a guide . . . Outstanding!

James Matteau

Executive Director, Windham Regional Commission, Brattleboro, VT

I enjoyed the storytelling. It made the concepts easier to understand and relate to.

Brenda Rivera

Assistant Ombudsman, Minnesota DOT

I’ve already used some of the specific tools (along with Hans’s ideas) to begin to lay the groundwork for my upcoming ‘working group.

Mark Weston

Director, Division of Conservation

We use this process for any major outreach effort.

Cindy Hollenberg

New Mexico Dept. of the Environment

The information presented in this course will definitely be a valuable asset for me in the future.

Nate Wakton

Engineer, Minnesota DOT

Very informative – very helpful.

Dale Repnow

Administrative Officer, ND Game and Fish Dept.

Very informational.

Monty Hamri - MN DOT

Project Manager, Minnesota DOT

[Your course is] very different [from others]. I like the free-speaking you do and all the examples.

William Meinholz

Assistant Project Development Engineer, Minnesota DOT

Was very useful now that I have more experience.

Renae Shultz

Biologist, ND Game and Fish Dept.

Invaluable. Specifically, being honest and transparent with stakeholders.

Ginny Brown

SME, Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies


Donna Koren

Planner, Minnesota DOT

Good and thought-provoking.

Blake Schaan

Wildlife Resource Management Supervisor, ND Game & Fish Dept.

[You’ve] Demystified challenges around public engagement.

Chelsea Hartman

Planner, City of Eugene

Very hands on and kept my attention and focus.

Judd Jasmer

Wildlife Resource Biologist, ND Game & Fish Dept.

The best ever. The course brings a more profound level of understanding, thereby enabling the student to become a genuine practitioner.

Joe Nestler

Chief of Data Management, Wisconsin DOT

You guys should do this for a living, you’re so good at it.

Bruce M. Angle

Technical Program Manager, Westinghouse Idaho Nuclear Co., Idaho Falls

The combination of depth of analysis and practical tools makes this an outstanding course.

Charles W. Meyer

City Manager, St. Louis Park, MN

Inspiring . . . Thought-provoking . . . Informative!

Linda Zemotel

Principal Planner, MN DOT, St. Paul, Minessota

Super course — I think the teaching method made the biggest difference. It also presented the highest proportion of new information I’ve ever come across.

Cheryl Weiler

Communications Coordinator, City of Golden Valley, MN

This is the best course I have taken . . . I wish I had the opportunity to learn this material in graduate school.

Mary Day

Director of Planning and Development Services, City of Broomfield, CO

If you are interested in how public agencies can get things done . . . (from siting a new dump to closing alibrary, to instituting a traffic calming policy) . . . You might consider the Bleikers’ courses.

Jim Schroll

Transportation Engineer, Anne Arundel County, MD

The course gives me tools that I can use to make many projects move forward.

Jose Saucedo

Junior Engineer, City of Salinas, CA

You have provided me with tools that are practical; they have real-life application in my organization.

Stacie Dabbs

Public Information Officer, Merced County Association of Governments

This course is much more systematic and practical than what I’m used hearing.

Chris Bentley

Senior Planner, Benton County, OR

“What a breakthrough! . . . I’m excited to apply these practices to my job.”

Sharla Sullivan

Community Affairs Representative, East Bay Municipal Utility District Oakland, CA

Majors & Budgets. Roundabouts and other design concepts

Garrett Vickman

Civil Engineer, Wisconsin DOT

So useful that I only know how to summarize it as the lifeline.

Vernon Andrew

IS Supervisor, Wisconsin DOT

I have had numerous opportunities to use various aspects of your program, with amazing results… There have been so many of these small type epiphanies, some times my head starts to swim.

Brian Amundson

Director of Public Works, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

The Bleiker Life Preserver, many of us have had the gift of this training. I found it extraordinary.

J. Tucker Hurn

DOT Alaska

Excellent course — NOW I understand why some of the things that happen, happen! And possibly how to avoid the public meeting pitfall. I now see opportunities, not just theater.

Calvin DuBrock

Wildlife Management Director, Pennsylvania Game Commission

I now have tools I can implement in my programs. My furstrations in this arena are greatly diminished.

Sharon Conroy

Recycling Program Specialist, City of Auburn

Very valuable both personally and professionally

Brad Skow

Metro Design Manager, Minesota, DOT / Metro District, Roseville, MN

I like yours better [than other training].

Chad Cramer

Urban Designer, City of Eugene

Just a note to say that this is the best course that I have ever taken, it will help me to become a better person as well as a better planner.

Jim Myer

Ohio Department of Natural Resources

With so many seminars competing for our attention lately – yours are always the ones that get us well-focused and more productive.

Elizabeth Sjostrom

Washington State DOT

This provides a guideline for doing my job better.

Ken Hartman

Project Implementation Coordinator, City of Rockville, MD

Looking forward to working and thinking about this more. High value, comparible to upper level university course work.

Ruben Natera

Team Leader, Heritage, Recreation, Lands Engineer, National Forests and Grasslands in Texas

Great! Fantastic! Loved it!

Nicole Quil

Communications specialist, Capital Region BOCES

This course is much more systematic and practical than what I’m used hearing.

William Culligan

Supru Aquatic Biologist, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.

Far more interesting and thought-provoking than other continuing education courses.

John Swissler

Program and Planning Analyst, Wisconsin DOT

Well developed course! Very informative. Far better and more practical.

Jeremy Krump

Environmental Specialist, Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources

Excellent, practical process for increasing agencies credibility. There is no comparison (to other courses). The Knowledge, experience and course content you both bring to the training far surpasses any previous training I have received.

Tom Malstrom

Program Specialist, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality

Internal and external stakeholder communication strategy has been vastly improved!

Courtenay Sprunger

Big Sky Public Relations

Very helpful! Better results!

Crispin Ruiz

Group Solutions RJW, Texas

This has been by far the most useful, most beneficial, captivating training I’ve ever taken. My plan is to integrate the tools into my planning work for all future projects.

Alissa Schram

Community Involvement Specialist, Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Austin, TX

[Your training] is unique.

Andrew Dinges

Biologist, ND Game and Fish Dept.

“The course changed my idea of what I need to do/not do.”

Britt Hiatt

Senior Planner, Harmsen & Associates, Monroe, WA

Excellent! . . . Good, comprehensive strategy for developing the public’s informed consent.

Martin Gary

Fisheries Administrator, Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources

Understanding the balance between ‘Responsibility and Responsiveness’ will prove most useful to me . . . Great info, great method of teaching!

Amy Diffenbacher

Environmental Program Specialist, Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation, Douglas, AK

An amazing amount of information that was clearly and concisely presented. One of the most valuable seminars I’ve attended!

Larry Wyeno

City of Longmont, CO

Keep doing what you’re doing!

Barb Tuininga

Community Involvement Coordinator, City of Bellevue WA

There were many helpful exercises and examples.

Thea Evans

Planner, City of Eugene

I look forward to the Modules and webinars

Thea Evans

Program Delivery, MN DOT

Outstanding course; much more useful and practical, but with a sound theoretical basis.

W. Porter Grace

Team Leader - Program Manager, US Dept. of Energy, Albuquerque, NM

The life preserver — oh to have this training years ago!

Lisa Darling

Senior Water Resources Engineer, City of Aurora

[How it compares to other training?] A lot more interactive and engaging.

Todd Burkley

Private Lands Biologist, ND Game and Fish Dept.

An excellent educational experience!! . . . You gave me hope for future success in executing my job responsibilities with my team.

Dianne Mendoza

Vice President of Business and Community Development, Austin, TX

Very good, valuable training, one of the best I’ve ever taken.

Christine Conner

Transportation Engineer, Texas DOT, Austin TX

I feel empowered again. Until this class I was discouraged and frustrated. Now I feel excited and hopeful again!

Susan Joy

City of Fort Collins

Great information that I can use in my personal as well as professional life.

Ellen Cook

Public Information Coordinator, US Dept. of Energy, PanTex Plant, Amarillo, TX

“Head and shoulders above any other course; extremely useful.”

Joy Monjure

Education Coordinator, City of Bellingham, WA

Very enlightening. Definitely a different and much more efficient way of looking at problems as opportunities. This will help me as much with my family life as in my professional life.

Brian Hope

Land Management Coordinator, Nebraska Public Power District, North Platte, NE

The course was chock full of great, interesting, fascinating, and useful information and tools. I am thrilled to have all the resources you have provided . . . You guys rock!

Lindy Wallace

Project Management Director, Colorado Dept. of Health Care Policy and Finance, Denver, CO

Good training.

Sam Kamkar

Community Relations, City of Eugene Police

Excellent course. Hans’ presentation was so energetic and focused, we all forgot lunch for about 40 minutes!

Nisar Shah, Folsom CA

Senior Regional Transmission Engineer, California Independent System Operator, Folsom, CA

“Mind-stretching! This is the best public involvement course I’ve taken. It has us step ‘outside the box’ in our thinking.”

Mary Jo Acke

Public Participation Coordinator, US Dept. of Energy, Chicago Operations Office, Argonne, IL

This course is much more specialized than any other Continuing Ed course I have taken.

Ryan Huber

Private Lands Biologist,, ND Game & Fish Dept.

The power of what you teach is mind-boggling!

Bob Blyth

Engineer, US Dept. of Energy, Idaho Falls, ID

This is education of the highest standard . . . Wonderfully insightful approach to the psychology of the public involvement process, and an opportunity for increased effectiveness for public agencies.

Kim Peoples

Road Services Manager, Department of Community Services at Multnomah County, OR

Wow! Great enhancement to my personal interest in leadership, communication, decision-making and public process.

Bruce Meaker

Senior Manager of Regulatory Affairs, Snohomish County PUD, Everett, WA


Stephanie Tucker

Biologist, ND Game and Fish Dept.

“I have said this before and again I learned so much from Hans and have been successful because of my Master’s Degree.”

Randy Wilson

Planning Director, Plumas County, CA

The training has me looking at planning for public involvement differently.

Loralyn Spiro

Public Information & Education Analyst, City of Springfield, OR

I enjoyed Hans’ storytelling prowess.

Rebecca Gershow

Senior Planner, City of Eugene

Very informative!

Loralyn Spiro

Public Information & Education Analyst, City of Springfield, OR

Framework that comprises the SDIC concepts and approaches is applicable to many of the projects I work on.

Rebecca Gershow

Senior Planner, City of Eugene

I really enjoyed the stories Hans used to describe and explain concepts. There were a lot of important concepts that were highlighted that are going to be helpful to me and my work.

Renee Raduenz

Market Research Manager, Minnesota DOT

Good… A little more in-depth about how to work with the public.

Andrew Ahren

Biologist, ND Game and Fish Dept.

There are several tools provided, but the focus was on the rationale behind the tools, rather than just how to use them.

Laura Hammond

Community Relations, City of Eugene

There’s something [in the course] for everyone.

Wesley Erdle

Fisheries Dept. Project Manager, ND Game and Fish Dept.

[This course is] much more focused [than most].

RJ Gross

Upland Game Biologist, ND Game and Fish Dept.

[This course is] better [than most]. More useful and applicable to a wider variety of applications.

BJ Kratz

Fisheries Supervisor, ND Game and Fish Dept.

Interesting research.

Nicole George

Principal Planner, Minnesota DOT

[How the course compares to others?] “I believe it will prove much more useful and stick with me longer.

Judd Jasmer

Wildlife Resource Biologist, ND Game & Fish Dept.,

Valuable strategies and approaches

Rick L'Amie

VIA Metropolitan transit

[We have] better citizen engagement and feedback.

Jen Mogo

Vermont ANR

I enjoyed the new perspective and systematic approach. I liked the group activities where it applied it to our own projects.

Audrey Stuart

Planning Analyst, City of Eugene

They [Hans and Annemarie] provide some truly helpful information that can help in so many situations. So again, please tell them THANK YOU!

Marisa Christy-Kerns

Senior Communications Specialist, Missouri DOT

Consent Building has been foundational in my career.

Jeff Foss

Bureau of Land Management, Idaho

I’ve been very pleased with the clinic audio conferences. I have attended whenever I am in town. It is a very practical way to introduce many of our staff to SDIC concepts.

William Rice

Deputy Regional Administrator, EPA Region 7

Thanks again for all the great advice, council, and support. You and Hans have made me proud to be an SDIC Bureaucrat… a bureaucrat that cares!

George Fekaris

Transportation Planner, Western Federal Lands, Federal Highway Administration

You guys should do this for a living, you’re so good at it.

John Wachtler

Energy Program Director, Minnesota Department of Commerce

When going gets tough I think of the Life Preserver.

Dean Pierce

Town of Shelburne

The SDIC training was probably the most useful training I received as a state employee.

Brian Fredrickson

MN Pollution Control

I have been utilizing the principles of Consent Building throughout the last decade and half and promote the concepts at every opportunity. Great stuff.

Phil Johnson

Ayres Associates

Outstanding! . . . It’s a paradigm-shift!

Mike Huggins

City Manager, City of Eau Claire, WI

I’ve learned more in three days than in any other situation other than parenting . . . I see my position as a public servant differently now.

Robert Ekse

Marine transport, Alaska Marine Highway / Alaska DOT

You approach a difficult topic that we usually don’t see courses on . . .This is practical and instantly applicable.

Janice Hamil

System Efficiency Engineer, Washington State Dept. of Transportation

Excellent, . . . Inspiring . . . So much to think about!

Robbyn Rodriguez-Walker

Administrative Manager, Alaska Dept of Environmental Conservation

Revealing . . . Enlightening!

Bill Kiger

Natural Resources Manager, Alaska State Park

There’s no comparison between this course and other continuing education training I’ve seen . . . The course demands — but also captures — your attention. It is easy to relate to all of the real-life scenarios presented. You have encouraged me to not only polish my public administration skills but to become a better public servant as well . . . Wonderful!

Adrian Early

Director of Operations, Covington Housing Authority


Steve Hanks

Land Management Manager, Lincoln Electric System Lincoln, NE


Terry Warth

Customer Services Manager, Nebraska Public Power District, Columbus, NE

It exceeds [other courses]. It has both the big picture and the details!

Lacey Risdal

Public Works Administration Director, City of Eugene

Great tool to clearly think through projects upfront and build a better process.

Chelsea Hartman

Planner, City of Eugene

SDIC and CPO have been the #1 and #2 most useful courses I have ever taken.

Theresa Worsham

City Planner, City of Golden, CO

This course was one of the most rewarding opportunities in my adult life. I look forwad to using what I learned.

Matt Curtis

Assistant Director of Business and Community Development, Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority

The discussion of the whole concept of Consent vs. Consensus is very useful to me.

Karolina Oleksiw

Planning Commissioner, Town of Brattleboro, VT

SDIC is a very positive approach . . . I’m excited!

Cheryl Everitt

Deputy Manager for Regional Real Estate Services & Manager of Communications and Public Relations, Wilson & Company, Colorado Springs, CO

SDIC seems very practical . . . An email update or telecourse would be great.

Tom Donnelly

County Commissioner, Larimer County, COLarimer County, CO

I wish we didn’t have major budget issues and I could attend the next course. No matter how busy I was at work, it would have been irresponsible of me not to attend.

Jen Petrik

Transportation Planner, City of Fort Collins, CO

“I have said this before and again I learned so much from Hans and have been successful because of my Master’s Degree.”

Randy Wilson

Planning Director, Plumas County, CA

This has been more intense, challenging and thought provoking than any Continuing Education course I’ve taken.

J. Wayne Oldroyd

Director of Community Development, City of Maryland Heights, MOCity of Maryland Heights, MO

I enjoyed the course very much and already have put into practive some of the techniques I learned.

Brenda L. Ricchi

Public Affairs Specialist, Lockheed Martin Speciality Company, Largo, FL

Wow I can certainly use this material! Your seminar has reinforced my belief in being fair! Thanks for everything.

Brooks Brestal

Studies and Plans Engineer, IL Dept of Transportation

“What I’ve learned will assisst me with difficult decisions I’m facing in the near future.”

Clifford Ligons

Monument Manager, US Forest Services, Amboy WA

Fantastic. I thouroughly enjoyed this course. It opened my eyes.

David Byrd

Biologist, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Gloucester VA

I am thankful to have attended. It was exceptional.

Carolyn Douglas

Corporate Communications Coordinator, Lincoln Electric System

Wow! Definitely more lively and interesting, thought-provoking stuff!

Harry Arnold

Site Engineer, US Dept. of Energy Albuquerque NM

Very worthwhile and informative…I will use these tools! I can do my job better and have a more in-depth understanding of the spokes of the wheel!

Deborah Allen

Senior Public Affairs, MoDOT

Very insightful and interesting. Pleased that someone has taken the time and effort to look in such detail at citizen participation and public decision making.

Michelle Graham

Public Involvement Manager, HNTB Corporation

“Great course, eye-opening, very enlightening”

Scott C. Gladson

SNF Coordinator, Babcock & Wilcox Idaho Co, Idaho Falls, ID

Excited! I’m involved with institutional issues that I was afraid had gotten impossible to deal with.

Michael J. Tyacke

Project Manager, EG&G Idaho Falls ID