Brownbag #75: Dec. 8th, 2015:

“Our message tends to get lost in the media: When they don’t over-simplify, they tell a lop-sided, negative story.”

This is a well-justified complaint! . . . One reason this kind of thing is more than just a burr under the saddle is that the traditional media – in spite of the internet – is a terribly important communications vehicle.

As justified as the complaint may be, don’t bother . . . don’t bother wasting your breath on complaining. It doesn’t help.

We’ll focus on what you CAN do — OTHER than complaining – to start using the media as the fantastic communications tool they have the potential of being. On projects and programs where you’re affecting a very large public, you just about HAVE to use the traditional media as one of your tools, or you’ll never reach all the potentially affected interests that you need to reach.

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