Get Group or Private Coaching

on what it takes to be an Implementation Genius

We’re here for you… Seriously.

How’s Friday?

Don’t know a thing about Consent-Building? It’s not necessary.

Like when I (Jennifer) was a firefighter…

The moment we arrive on the scene — things tend to get better.

Every Friday, I clear my calendar for at least an hour to be fully available to help our students however I can.

Students from all across the continent show up with their toughest challenges and nitty-gritty questions. 

Bring your own questions and concerns, or be a fly on the wall and learn by listening.

We meet every Friday, 10-11am Pacific over Zoom.

A monthly subscription to the Mentor Circle makes coaching affordable ($397/month) without a hefty retainer or hourly fees — and anyone from your team is welcome to join.

Issues too delicate for group coaching?

Let’s meet one on one…

Some things need that added layer of discretion.

You always have our confidentiality…

But the most sensitive matters can’t be discussed with people outside your team.

With private coaching, we get steeped into the delicate issues your team juggles and mentor you as you work through them.

Availability is limited, but we’ll do our best to accommodate you and your team.

Anything from 8-hour private sessions, to monthly virtual meetings, to quick feedback of your outreach materials…

Whatever you need is what we aim to deliver. 

Our advice will meld with the fundamentals those on your team learned in our course.

For those new to our approach, our advice will likely seem counterintuitive — at first.

All that’s required is an open mind and a willingness to see the problems before you with fresh eyes.

Contact Jennifer for details, or schedule a call now.

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” –Joseph Campbell

Public servants are overlooked heroes.

Unless we can help.

A saying I remember from the firehouse holds true in this context:

I’m not here for me.

I’m here for we.

And we’re here for them.

We solve your toughest credibility, legitimacy and outreach issues…

So you can solve important problems on behalf of the public.

Don’t wait, get in touch and let’s get started.