Work With Us

Why Work with Us…?

In our Jeffersonian Democracy, the government was meant to solve problems. 

Those working on projects to keep our roads paved, our drinking water clean, our children educated, etc. know this.

You know this.

Unfortunately, the public rarely knows this. (If they once knew it, they forget it.)

To most Americans, “bureaucrat” is a dirty word.

For most citizens, there is “Us” (the public) and “Them” the government (you).

But that’s not what our nation’s Founders intended.  Nor is it how things really are.


You have a Sisyphean Hill to Climb until and unless . . .

The public knows — understands — believes — and FEELS that there is only “Us.”

If your public doesn’t know you’re here to solve serious problems and address opportunities, you’ll find it nearly impossible to be effective at accomplishing your mission.

(You know, the one the public originally gave you and your organization.)

While your public wants you to accomplish your mission…

… If they don’t know that’s precisely what you’re doing, some people are likely to:

  • Fight you tooth and nail, even to the point of violence
  • Cut your budget
  • Politically end-run you
  • Take your agency to court

We have dedicated our professional-lives to making government (YOU) effective as the problem-solving entity the political Decision-Makers who created your agency.

Once the public sees your work as addressing serious and legitimate problems and opportunities you won’t be:

  • stopped by NIMBY,
  • delayed to gather “more data”
  • debilitated by resource cuts
  • torpedoed by political gridlock

Instead, you’ll focus on getting the job done.

But, don’t be fooled . . .

You WON’T achieve this by doing something as shallow as holding more meetings, or by becoming a PR genius.

Through systematic Consent-Building, you’ll learn to bring out your inner Implementation Genius.

The general public NEEDS to see you as problem.

By using Informed Consent, even your fiercest opponents will come to see you as the problem-solving entity you and your team are.  

To us, our Jeffersonian democracy is a result of great design and even beauty — as government is meant to solve problems.

But if the public doesn’t understand you, our democracy is designed to make it pretty tough to get anything accomplished, let alone your mission.

We are here to guide you through the labyrinth of preventing and reversing the “Us” vs. “Them” mentality, to systematically thinking — and becoming — an Implementation Genius who can fulfill even the most controversial (and important) mission.

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