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All of our courses can be taught on your turf. The more students, the lower your per-person cost.

If your agency ever has some of its major proposals: – shelved – delayed – stopped – derailed – torpedoed, then call us (831-373-4292), or e-mail us to discuss what issues you face and how we can help by providing In-House training for you and your team. We will also send you a current fee schedule. (It is a fixed fee for up to 30 people, with a small charge for each additional attendee. Thus, the bigger the enrollment, the lower your per-person cost.)

These are courses that we host, and make them open to the public. Open-Courses are best suited for those who cannot hire us to do on-site training specifically designed for their team.

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(Should you need to cancel, we charge a $100 cancellation fee unless you reschedule to attend another one of our courses.)

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(Should you need to cancel, we charge a $100 cancellation fee unless you reschedule to attend another one of our courses.)



SDIC 2.0

Systematic Development of Informed Consent SDIC is the most powerful approach to Public Involvement that professionals can use in public-sector problem-solving and decision-making. What is so powerful about it?

When you get the Informed Consent of your fiercest opponents, you also get your most important and controversial proposals implemented.

When you can work constructively with opponents — who conclude you are trustworthy, duty-driven, and concerned about negative impacts — you can’t help but be far more effective.

This course will cause you to have a paradigm shift needed that will give you the means to tackle your mission and no longer be hung up by politics, special interests, citizen sandbagging, or any of the frustrations of the average public-sector professional.

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a Bootcamp for Guiding Complex Problem-Solving & Decision-Making Processes, especially when everything goes wrong! We will familiarize you with the several fundamental concepts that are at the root of problem-solving and decision-making, which will save you the pains of developing good judgment from experience alone. Some of the issues covered in this course include – The Augmentation/Meta Process – Using and Defending Against Strategies of Conflict – Negotiations, Mediation, and Conflict Resolution – Excellence and Productivity – Assessing Risk and Dealing with Uncertainty – Elementary Concepts in Applied Maximizing – The Role of Values

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