Conflict Resolution: Ever Heard these Devastating Words from Your Public (or Your Spouse)?

In Consent-Building Clinic #70, we discussed “What to Do when Your Public is Convinced it’s Too Late to Give Input (and How this Hurts Your Credibility).”

One of the most serious facets of this issue, and related topics we’ve discussed in Clinics (Brownbags) #5, 30, 51, and 60, is the devastating accusation from the public that “You’re Not Listening!”  And worse, that “You Don’t Care!”

In this short segment, we round up our discussion on this critical issue and how you’re likely proving yourself guilty of the accusation — even if you’re actually not guilty of it!


Watch the video below now.

It’ll make sense of:

  • How you can be both guilty and not guilty of “not listening/caring,” 
  • Why your public is convinced you’re nothing but guilty.


What are the specific ways you and your team are working to correct this misperception?

If you, or your agency, have been guilty of not truly listening and/or caring — what made you realize you were paying more lip-service than genuinely listening and caring?