What to Expect from the Bleiker Consent Building Blog

What this Blog is About . . .

Sometimes, after a Consent-Building Clinic (formerly “Brownbag session”)  is over, the three of us — Annemarie, Jennifer, and Hans – have an afterthought, an idea that we SHOULD have covered . . . but didn’t. Until now we just felt guilty about not having covered a point that we SHOULD have covered. But, we think we can do a lot better than just feel guilty; if we have a blog for each of the Clinic – we figured – we could post ANY and ALL “afterthoughts” on that Clinic’s blog post and, thus, in a modest way continue the session beyond the conference call.

What this Blog is NOT

It is not a substitute for listening in on our monthly Consent-Building Clinics. The blog will not cover the material that was covered in the Clinic. It will simply add some material to that discussion, and help further your understanding of the points made during the Consent-Building Clinic. It is not intended to stand on its own, but rather to serve as an informational supplement to the Clinic topics. To get the most out of these sessions, it is best if you have gone through our most basic SDIC (Systematic Development of Informed Consent) course.

Posting Comments and Questions

If you participated in the Consent-Building Clinic in question, you are welcome to submit proposed postings for that session’s blog. If we consider your proposed posting (of a question, suggestion, or example) furthers the discussion in a meaningful way we will post it on our blog. However, not all comments will be added depending on the volume of comments (as we have several hundred people participating in on any one Clinic).

(See below, for the “Terms of Use” that we will use in determining whether a particular proposed item can or cannot be posted.)

Terms of Use


Provided a suggested comment, question, or example furthers that particular Consent-Building Clinic or specific blog posting, and is a significant addition to the discussion we will likely post it.

Comments that are anonymous, profane, redundant, or do not directly relate to the scope of the topic at hand will not be posted.

The only hesitation we have with promising to post even all comments and questions that fall within these basic parameters is that we could be overwhelmed by the number of comments made (since several hundred often participate in a single Clinic), and in order to keep the blog manageable for us and readers. Therefore, we can only promise to do our best and try and sift through all that are submitted in a timely fashion, and post the most powerful and salient of comments.


We should note that it is necessary that anyone proposing a comment/question to an item on the blog must have been listening in on the Consent-Building Clinic in question, and must be willing to identify him/herself (including: first and last name, email address, and professional URL — at least to us. We will only publicize a person’s name if we post his/her comment on the blog).