Consent-Building Clinic #71: August 11th, 2015:

“How do we convince the public that their input matters?”

Because this month’s topic is closely related to last month’s, we’ll try to complement – rather than repeat – the issues covered last month. Together, these two Brownbag sessions give pretty good coverage of this terribly important issue, the issue of getting people to realize that their involvement DOES have a chance of making a difference – without OVER-doing it and, thereby, creating unrealistic expectations.

Although there are many reasons people don’t get involved, THIS is probably the biggest one reason: Their conviction that it wouldn’t make any difference anyway. So, to the degree that you manage to fix THIS particular problem – this particular misunderstanding — you’ll get another involvement monkey off your back.

Picture this: You’ll be working on a project where the relevant public UNDERSTANDS that their participation will not be a waste of time, that it CAN make a difference. We’ll help you get there!

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