About the Bleikers

Hans, Annemarie & Jennifer Bleiker

We are a husband-and-wife, and now daughter too, firm.

You ask WHY we do what we do?

It’s not really about us, it’s about YOU — and the mission the public gave you.

Each of us had professional aspirations that had nothing to do with teaching, citizen participation, or even making government more effective.

Yet — here we are.

The three of us derailed ourselves from perfectly good, honorable, profitable careers (about which you can read more about below) —

— because we couldn’t let another public-sector professional fail to implement his/her mandate when we had the recipe to help them succeed. 

Don’t let your work end up on a shelf

As we see it — if you work in a legitimate public agency — your work is downright VITAL.

Your expertise is worth too much to be wasted on developing proposals that don’t get implemented.

The public gave you your mission to address certain problems and opportunities.

The public NEEDS YOU to succeed in fulfilling your mission.

If you fail at accomplishing that mission, then we ALL fail — because those problems don’t go away.

Our methodology has an impressive track-record of giving professionals with important missions the tools to succeed.

We’ve trained between 30,000 and 40,000 public-sector professionals — people just like YOU.

We have a huge list of references, testimonials, and quotes.

If you work on legitimate problems, and use our approach to get your FIERCEST opponents’ Informed Consent, we can almost guarantee your ability to fulfill the mandate the public gave you. 

That’s why for each of us, it feels fantastic to provide people like you with the tools to get the job done.

Making government more effective isn’t just good for public-sector professionals, it has healing effects for the community at large.

That, is why the three of us eagerly devote ourselves to teaching, mentoring, and coaching problem-solvers like you.

    • We believe public agencies were meant to be Problem-Solving entities,
      • Not to create bureaucratic red-tape.
    • We believe you get up every morning because you understand how CRITICAL your mission is.
      • Not so you can feed at the government trough.
    • We believe, if your work is technically rigorous, lacking Informed Consent is the only thing that will keep you from fulfilling your mission.
      • Not budget constraints, not the political climate, or NIMBY.

Annemarie Bleiker, President & Instructor

In the meantime, I (Annemarie Bleiker) completed my formal education in Urban Anthropology, with a Bachelor’s degree from Boston University and a Master’s from Brandeis University.

Within Urban Anthropology, I studied a puzzling thing that was happening right in front of us where we were living as graduate students. . . .

Two hippy-groups established “communes” (group living arrangements), practically across from one another on our street.  The commune lifestyle clashed — in fact, it offended — the area’s residents.

And yet, the locals tolerated — even embraced — one of the groups, but not the other.

My big discovery — was that even in the face of obvious conflict — common ground COULD be found. 

Even when everyone was convinced none existed!

THAT is what I learned as part of my Master’s thesis.

This discovery meshed beautifully with Hans’ discovery that it WAS possible to get people’s CONSENT to “go along” with things they did NOT like, things they were actually OPPOSED to.

People do so knowingly and willingly with eyes wide open!  (i.e. They grudgingly give their “Informed Consent”.)

SDIC: Systematic Development of Informed Consent

Ever since graduate school, we have worked at trying to understand what tactics Implementation Geniuses use — what methods they use — to develop their opponents’ Informed Consent.

We have worked for decades to systematize their tactics and SDIC is a result of that effort.

In short, Implementation Geniuses systematically work at developing their opponents’ Informed Consent.

It’s this strategy we share with you in our Consent-Building and SDIC training.

Don’t Waste Your (Professional) Life

Our combined research and professional experience has led to the development of our powerful approach for public-sector professionals to Systematically Develop the Informed Consent (SDIC) of their various publics, particularly of a project’s fiercest opponents.

SDIC has enabled public-sector professionals with important missions to get their proposals implemented, rather than becoming victims of NIMBY, “politics,” and budget cuts.

Over the course of four decades, we have helped people with public-sector missions (hired professionals, as well as elected and appointed officials) be consistently effective at accomplishing their mission.

In total, we’ve trained over 30,000 professionals LIKE YOU — how to get the job done!

We have systematized what Implementation Geniuses do intuitively.

Using our Consent-Building methodology, you can be just as effective, and do it over and over again, on every project you work on.  

Hans, Annemarie & Jennifer Bleiker
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