Following the March 2011 Brownbag, we received a comment from a listener who was frustrated that we didn’t give, what she felt, was the means to moving a person from the Over-My-Dead-Body position to being at least willing to give his or her Informed Consent.

As a result, we felt it might be necessary to post a reminder that moving such fierce opponents from a staunch position to willingly giving their Informed Consent is the purpose and point of ALL of these Brownbag sessions, as well as our Consent-Building training.

(It is also worth noting that those folks who have been through our SDIC (Systematic Development of Informed Consent) course will get far more out of these Brownbag sessions than those who have yet to go through that most basic training.)

Don’t Bother Learning Gimmicks… They Only Backfire!

There is no quick-fix to getting members of your public (your PAIs) to make this transition. . .

What we teach is first a means to understanding WHY your PAIs are opposed to even your best work, and then WHAT you can do about it. . . Again, to move them up from being Over-My-Dead-Body opponents, to PAIs who give their grudging Informed Consent.

However, none of what you will learn from us is a gimmick. Most gimmicks are slick, spin-based, and illegitimate. You don’t need gimmicks if you are serious about being a public-sector problem-solver, who realizes that the project you and your colleagues are working on is just one of many to come; your credibility and mission cannot afford that! Don’t fall into the temptation to use gimmicks.

Informed Consent Can Create Instant & Incredibly Positive Results

So, we apologize that you won’t get a quick-fix from us. We have a lot of tools that you can apply immediately; many of which will have instant healing effects on your relationship with Over-My-Dead-Body opponents.

But, if you are going to become an Implementation Genius, it’s YOU that needs to change. How your approach your PAIs, your projects, and your overall mission. And as most of us already know, changing old habits generally takes a lot of time and effort, but it IS doable.

If you are ready to undergo a paradigm shift and really communicate with your PAIs and constantly work at developing Informed Consent from your work’s opponents, you will likely notice positive changes overnight.

That in itself is pretty darn amazing, and the closest we can offer to a quick-fix, but with a lot more depth!